Intelligent color Sunglasses



In the sun with the world famous sunglasses brand comparison

Technological innovation make smart discolor sunglasses an unsurpassed player in the market.

Disadvantages of traditional sunglasses:

Left figure. Lens stains fixed, when no sun or weak sun, it is too dark and unclear view.

Right figure. When the sun is strong, the lens appear too light, not enough to block the glare.

Advantages of smart discolor sunglasses:


Left figure. Flexible LCD lens basic color is very light, no sun or weak sun, the field of vision is very clear.

Right figure. When the sun is strong, the dynamic progressive color change function makes the upper part of the lens always darker than the lower part,so shading effect is particularly good, while the vision is particularly clear.

Practical example 1:

Traditional sunglasses.

Whether facing the sun or back to the sun, the traditional sunglasses tint fixed, can not adapt to changes in light environment.

Smart discolor sunglasses.

Left fig. When the sunlight is weak, the liquid crystal lens is relatively light and the view is clear.

Right fig.. When the sunlight is strong, the liquid crystal lenses darken upper part and the shading effect is excellent.

Practical example 2:

Left fig. Drivers face the sun, the most sun intensity, liquid crystal lenses immediately darken upper part, blocking the sun, and maintain a clear view.

Right fig. When the driver's side of the sun, the sun intensity decreased, the liquid crystal lens immediately become light and with a clear view.

Practical example 3:

When the golfer bow his head, the color of the liquid crystal lens is very light and the field of view is particularly clear. Shown as right fig.

When the golfer bow his head, the color of the liquid crystal lens is very light and the field of view is particularly clear. Shown as left fig.

After hitting the ball and look up, the LCD lens immediately darken upper part, shading effect is particularly good. Shown as right fig.

Practical example 4:

The rider side toward the sun, weak sunlight intensity, liquid crystal lens color is light with a clear view. Shown as left fig.

The rider is toward the sun, sunshine is strongest, most darken lens on the upper part , the shading effect is particularly good. Shown as right fig..

List of features

Smart discoloration sunglasses has five advantages.

Fully Intelligent

It looks no different from traditional sunglasses.Replace battery with solar energy and automatic transition without a switch, completely intelligent.


0.5 Second Reaction Tinting Speed

Photochromic lens darkens when it detects UV rays in about 20 to 40 seconds while changing from dark to light in a few minutes. But the reaction rate of iShade for changing the tint is half a second. The lenses change by themselves during the synchronization process. They change to a darker shade when the sunlight is strong outside.


Dynamic Progressive Coloring

When there is no sunlight, the basic color of lens is very light.When there is sunlight, the change of tint starts at the top and transition to the bottom. The lenses always appear darker at the top than at the bottom. This makes visibility much better and the shading effect to work more excellently than any traditional sunglasses.


Linear Stepless Coloring.

The most amazing innovation is the tinting linear stepless discoloration feature, which added an unprecedented level of comfortability to the sunglasses wearer. The discoloration process and the transition is so smooth that your eyes won't feel the transition at all.


Car-Sensitive Coloring

It's the first sunglasses in the world which can change tint in behind the windshield while you are driving.

iShade works best when you're driving during the day. With it, you can block out the bright sunlight and have a much more clear visibility even when the sun is in front of the car. Glare problems disappear and you can concentrate on driving safely on the road.

Ultra Light Weight

Traditional sunglasses usually weights 30-45 grams, but iShade sunglasses weights only 24 grams. Despite all these features, iShade is even lighter than traditional sunglasses

Smart discolor sunglasses are polarized.

The following video demo can prove that the smart discolor sunglasses are polarized.

Here the two pairs of glasses crossed together, the lens color becomes darker.

The polarizer test card here also shows the polarized function.

Daily discoloration rule

Smart discolor sunglasses work like a parabola.As soon as the sun reaches the 2000Lux's intensity, it starts to work.As the sun grew stronger, the lens grew darker and darker.In the afternoon, the lenses gradually fade as the sun weakens.

When the light intensity drops to 2000Lux, the lens stops working.Smart discolor sunglasses can works in cloudy days and rainy days, but the performance is not as good as sunny day.As a matter of fact, it doesn't need to be too dark on rainy day.In short, the stronger the sunlight, the darker the lens, until the saturation light intensity is reached.

The Gospel of the Myopic Group

Wearing sunglasses has always been a problem for myopic people. Although there are nearsighted sunglasses on the market, the speed of discoloration is too slow, and it's impossible to work inside the car.

iShade solved the problem. Smart discolor sunglasses, equipped with a optical frame insert, coupled with optical lenses, became short-sighted smart discolor sunglasses. Assembly is super easy.

A getleman wearing the glasses with optical insert.

The advantages of smart discolor sunglasses is unmatched by traditional sunglasses, the US Army start equipped with them.

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