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Perfect Performance Under The Sun

Interviewing an elderly person during testing the iShade sunglasses. And thanks for a warm letter from Chicago…

Dear Tony,

I Loved the sunglasses that you gave me. The 26hr drive back to Chicago was made so much easier because of those glasses. For example I would start my drive before dawn and drove straight in to the sunrise. The sunglasses made driving in the sun easy to do because they were dark enough to keep my eyes focused on the road. They were also comfortable, I know because I had them on for Hours. But they were not too dark because when I went into truck stops I did not need to remove the glasses as things were real clear.



4th April, 2017

A boy wearing iShade sunglasses

You'll be completely shocked by what you see...

Here’s a boy at a game wearing our iShade sunglasses on a sunny day. Watch as he turns towards the sun, the lenses transition to its darkest shade, as he turns towards the shadows, the lenses appear more and more transparent.

The entire process is smooth and gentle.

iShade is the perfect sunglasses for Golfers

You'll be thrilled with what you see...

The player gets ready to swing his golf club to hit the golf ball. As he bows down to see the ball, the lenses become clear to allow for better visibility. When the golfer hits the ball and looks up, the iShade darken instantly to protect his vision against the bright sunlight. No glare of sun at all.

Here is Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla, California of USA,  interviewing is currently

taking place...


A young girl wearing iShade sunglasses.

Prepare yourself for a huge surprise…

The girl is moving her head up and down. The light intensity is weak when she bows her head, and so the lenses turn transparent in half a second. When she turns her head up to strong sunlight, the lenses darken via linear stepless technology. The entire process not only super fast but smooth and gentle.

iShade's super shading performance

Youll be shocked again by what you see...

While wearing iShade outdoor, the sun may appears like the moon, as all the glare disappears no matter how strong the sunlight is. At noon, when the sun is the strongest, the lenses also darken to the most, allowing the iShade wearer to look directly at the sun without glare. However, when she covers the chip with her fingers, she cant possibly stand the glare.

The action above is just for demo and is not recommended in actual use.  

iShade's magical discoloration process

You can't believe what you see...

When directly facing the sun, the lenses reach the maximum shade in response to the most intense sunlight. But as you turn away from the sun, the shade also becomes lighter, in response to the decreasing light intensity, until it reaches its minimum. But as you are returning to face toward the sun again, the lens shade will automatically get darker until it reaches the darkest level. So the iShade lens changes its shade in direct proportion to the intensity of the exposed sunlight instantly. All the change within half a second.

iShade greatly improve driving safety

you can't imagine what iShade means while you are driving...

Compared to the traditional sunglasses, iShade has a extremely clear visibility when you are driving, because it's basic color is very light with very high transmittance. This make it clearer than traditional sunglasses. But as long as the sun appears in front of your vehicles, iShade works to block out the harsh glares and have a very clear visibility for your driving. Due to the dynamic progressive coloring feature, which make it more clear than traditional sunglasses. iShade actually help seeing at a distance and everything will look much clearer even in dim lighting. You can wear them inside a room and still see just fine. iShade greatly improves your vision. Clearer vision means safer when you drive.

iShades perfectly synchronizes with the subtle and immediate changes in the lighting environment and many users even don't feel the transition at all. But users can attest to the smart shading technology when they block the chip using their hands and see the discoloration process taking place.

Driving through the tunnel

iShade sunglasses become clear and light with visual clarity once the car enters the tunnel. Once the car gets out of the tunnel, the lenses immediately darken according to the light changes in the environment. There's no need to manually take off the glasses or to put them back on, unlike using traditional sunglasses.

Less distraction means more safety.

Driving into an indoor parking lot.

You may also experience dimming issues when you're wearing traditional sunglasses and you head into an indoor parking lot. The transition from the road and open sunlight into a dark parking area will cause you to see nothing. It will be so dark that you'll have to take off your traditional sunglasses! But this won't be an issue if you're wearing iShade. Nothing is more important than safety while you are driving.

Except for driving, playing golf,iShade is also the best choice for leisure, riding, fishing and sea going and so on.

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